Sharpat Kits’ goal is to provide a simple, portable and affordable camera solution whether as a bubble test scanning/analysis device, a classroom document camera, and/or for video presentations. Our web camera solution has come a long way from the original webcam on a Pringles can we started with in 2011. In trying to be thorough we tested many cameras. We queried many end-users getting input on each design phase. In fact, when some recent changes were shared with a data and assessment director, she exclaimed, “You have thought of everything!” We truly believe a Sharpat Kit™ is the best value for you.

Our pet peeve is Customer Service and we strive to provide the best. The number of reorders we get from our clients, now friends, (Individual educators, schools, and districts) indicate we have been successful with it. No kits have been returned for refund. We have had only one case of a request to return any kits which actually spawned the Anti-Glare Option, and instead of returning any kits, the district wound up purchasing additional kits. We will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best value when you purchase any of our products.

We take the time to answer your questions completely and find the best product to meet your needs. Our “Try It Before You Buy It” concept has an exceptional try/buy ratio of over 90%.

Thank you for considering a Sharpat solution for your classroom bubble test scanning and presentation needs and for allowing us to assist today’s educators with tomorrow’s leaders!

Sharpat Kits Inc. • Made in USA. • Patent pending


Our kits are Plug n’ Play on both Mac and PC platforms. Our Pro kits even come with proprietary software for photo and video enhancing.

We have tested our kit with and been approved using the following software solutions.

  • GradeCam
  • IlluninateEd DnA
  • DataDirector

While other software solutions are currently working on integrating the GradeCam Technology Plug-in, it is impossible to know exactly when they will be available so if you have any questions, please contact us directly with your request.