The Anti-Glare Option (AGO) is a great addition for difficult lighting conditions. It controls the lighting environment around the receiver tray so whether the lights are glaring or dimmed for interactive white board use, you are good to go. When using our SPK-1 with the built-in adjustable LED’s we have scanned tests with the lights off. A 3′ USB extension cable is included to allow for greater placement flexibility of your kit. The AGO makes scanning virtually trouble-free!

Cameras:  SPK-N •  SPP-N • SPK-1 (Old)

Sharpat AGO Components

  • An anti-glare shroud with Privacy Flap
  • Mounting stems (2)
  • Stem Extensions (2)
  • 3′ USB Extension cable

With the Privacy Flap down you have even more controlled lighting environment as well as avoiding prying eyes for test answers. When the privacy flap is down some have referred to it as a “voting booth” or “going into the instant replay booth”. We even have an example of where our shroud is placed over a far more expensive document camera to resolve the glare issue. While Sharpat kits are available in marbled or black, the AGO and stems/extensions only come in white.