Basic webcam, Manual Focus


Our newly designed Sharpat kit (SPK-N) adds a sleeker look to our classroom bubble test scanning solution. Priced from $43.95 down to $35.95 depending upon quantity (Shipping included). It uses a manual focus webcam but once it has been focused you should not have to readjust. While the camera head is obviously imported, the Sharpat kit itself is made in the USA from recyclable material. It is USB-powered and Plug n’ Play for both PC and Mac platforms.

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SPK-N Manual Focus Camera OEM Specs

  • 8.0 MP (software enhanced)
  • LED Lighting with dimmer switch for poorly lit areas
  • Built in microphone

SPK-N (Base) Kit Parts:

  • Camera Assembly w/ Cap
  • Box (Receiver Tray/Platform) with focus target
  • Lid (used with Anti-Glare option or for platform extension)
  • Stem (for camera assembly mounting)
  • 4″ Extension (used to tilt Receiver Tray or for additional camera height, if needed)
  • Partitions (2)
  • Footpads and cable twist tie