HD 1280×720 UVC Compliant


The Sharpat SPK-HD is a High Definition camera which has an image capture (snapshot) resolution of 1280×720. This is a great solution for programs requiring a sharper image such as Lightning Grader which requires UVC compliance and HD image capture. For even sharper images the our HD cameras have glass lenses. A great solution for podcasts and classroom projection systems using such programs as YAWCAM. Just like our other scanning/projection solutions, it is plug and play with Windows, iOS, and Chromebooks too! No more waiting for the new driver for those expensive document cameras. Yes, another simple, portable, and affordable solution from Sharpat Kits.

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SPK-HD (Base) Kit Parts:

  • Camera Assembly w/ Cap
  • Box (Receiver Tray/Platform) with focus target
  • Lid (used with Anti-Glare option or for platform extension)
  • Stem (for camera assembly mounting)
  • 4″ Extension (used to tilt Receiver Tray or for additional camera height, if needed)
  • Partitions (2)
  • Footpads and cable twist tie